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Lo Que Quiero Es Charangoa Heralds Traditional Cuban Charanga to Lady GaGa Cha-cha-cha…L.A. Charanga is Born!

Fay Roberts Y Su Orquesta Charangoa releases their second CD of salsa dance music, Lo Que Quiero Es Charangoa, or What I Want Is Charangoa.

Hollywood, CA (July,2011)-Popular Los Angeles Cuban dance orchestra, Fay Roberts Y Su Orquesta Charangoa, keeps the tradition of Cuban charanga alive while incorporating exhilarating, contemporary songs.  Unique and ambitious (Lady GaGa’s Just Dance as a cha-cha-cha), it incorporates all the elements of traditional Cuban charanga music: violins, flute, guiro and duo lead vocals, yet is set to the contemporary salsa tempos that today’s dancers expect to hear.

The result is L.A. Charanga: danceable, hot exciting music with all the sweetness and elegance that only charanga-style Cuban music can deliver.

Orchestra leader and Los Angeles native, Fay Roberts, traveled to Cuba twice in 1997 to live and study with legendary flutist/composer Richard Egues of Orquesta Aragon fame.  Egues entrusted her with his original compositions (including El Bodeguero) to help start her band in Los Angeles, and keep his music alive.  She has succeeded with Orquesta Charangoa.

Roberts follows the soloing style of Maestro Egues, making her one of the few flutists in the world to continue in his footsteps stylistically.  This is especially important since his passing in 2006.

Cuidado Que Se Pega best exemplifies the solo style of Egues.  Also featured are three original songs by band members Johnny Crespo, Fermin Sifontes and Matt Amper:  Que Viva La Charanga, Son Montuneando and the title track.

Lo Que Quiero Es Charangoa fills a niche that no other U.S. Charanga group has since the heyday of New York charanga in the 1970s.


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